Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Britney Spears: Blackout With Bonus Tracks

So, the Princess of Pop is back with an amazing cd. I have all of the songs up here to download invidually. I also have my reviews of the songs by them.
1. Gimme More: 4/5. Its her first single, and an awesome song. Gotta love it. Its catchy, its hot, and I love it.
2. Piece of Me: 5/5. Easy single material, this song goes on about her life and how she's been in the news a lot lately. Basically, she's saying, "I can take whatever it is you can throw at me." I love it.
3. Radar: 4/5. Another easy single. Its got a great dance beat to it, and can easilly be played in clubs anywhere. The only reason that this song is 4/5 instead of full points is that it can get old if you listen to it too much.
4. Break The Ice: 5/5. Slotted to be the second single, this song is HOT. It's my current favorite on the album. The only complaint I have about it is that they don't bring back the drum beat at the end of the song.
5. Heaven on Earth: 4/5. Still a dance tune, but not necessarilly quite like the other songs. This one isn't quite as slutty as some of the others. Its almost like a love song, dance style. I really like it.
6. Get Naked (I Got A Plan): 1/5. Not the worst song on the album, but close to it. It just gets really annoying after a while. Danja in the beginning is okay, and the background music is okay, but the whole song is just to Paris Hilton-y for me.
7. Freakshow: 5/5. Not necessarilly single material, and apparently, not too many people like it, but I love this Song. It is a little repetative, and it reaks of paris, but its upbeat, its fun, and even though the whole thing is computerized, its catchy, and great to listen to in a car.
8. Toy Soldier: 3/5. Again, not the worst song on the album. Actually, the chorus is the only thing that ticks me off. The whole synthesized snare drum thing just irritates me to no end. Everything else is okay.
9. Hot as Ice: 4/5. It is much improved after the demo, which was just irritating. This version is a half pitch lower, and just sounds better all around. Its uptempo, but can't compete with Freakshow. Still, its a good song.
10. Ooh Ooh Baby: 4/5. It's a Radar clone with acoustic guitar. Still, I like the song. Could easilly be a single, however, the same warning applies to this as does Radar: it gets old quickly, and since is sounds so similar to Radar, you get tired of them. Still, this one has some interesting things in it.
11. Perfect Lover: 4/5. I liked this song when it was released as a demo, and not much has been done to it since. It's a decent song, but definately not single material. Kind of like a better Get Naked really.
12. Why Should I Be Sad: 1/5. Possibly the worst song on the album. Honestly, it just annoys the crap out of me, I don't know why. Possibly because it sounds like a highly breathy Janet Jackson or Ciara. It's about K-Fed (pig), and there are so many other songs she could have done about him.
13. Get Back: 5/5. At first, I didn't like the song, but now I do. It is catchy, and an easy dance song. Honestly, this could have replaced a few songs on the album or be a single, but who knows. The demo of this song has undergone a slight upgrade, including a hot new intro.
14. Everybody: 4/5. As my brother said, the intro makes it sound like some bad 80's chinese thing, but whatev. This song is good, and was one of my favorites as a demo. Uptempo, and another dance song, I like it.
Overall Album rating: 5/5. Britney's done it again. She has an amazing album that will sell many copies.


Dalton said...

Get Naked (I Got A Plan)

was (and still is) MY FAVVORITEE

i got this cd 3 days after it got out and i STILL LOVE IT!

i am so impressed with Britney, she's a Pop Sensation! and i love her

Dalton said...

Love Ya Brit.

always loved your stuff, ill be a true fan even when your old!

but that wont be for a long while.
your still really young and look great!

<3 April