Saturday, November 17, 2007

Trading Yesterday: More Than This

Trading Yesterday's first EP which was unfortunately shelved. This album took the best of The Beauty and The Tragedy and rerecorded it and mixed it with entirely new songs. The only song that I think was better as a demo is Love Song Requiem, which is still good. I've put up a bonus track which will actually be on their band's new cd coming next year under the band name of The Age of Information.

1) Revolution
2) One Day
3) She Is The Sunlight
4) Under My Skin
5) May I
6) My Last Goodbye
7) Love Song Requiem
8) Come Back To Me
9) For You Only
10) World On Fire
11) Change My Name
12) The Beauty & The Tragedy
13) Shattered

14) Just A Little Girl (Bonus Track)


Martín said...

Thanks a lot Will!

Auiyako said...

I couldn't download 'Under My Skin'.
Could you please upload the song again?
Thanks in advance!

lihi said...

please reup Under my skin - Trading Yesterday!!!

EmilieAutumn135 said...

hey could you upload them all of Trading Yesterday More Than This again please?
Thanks in advance :)

annelies said...

hey can you help me? ive looked everywhere and i cant find trading yesterday.. i want their music! so bad!! where can i get it!!??