Saturday, November 17, 2007

Trading Yesterday: The Beauty & The Tragedy

Trading Yesterday is an underground group that people should know about but don't. The lead singer is an ex-member of Evanescence, and he's done rather well with his efforts. This is the demo cd by the group, and some of the songs on here are just amazing. Enjoy!

1) One Day (Demo Version)
2) The Beauty and The Tragedy (Demo Version)
3) What I'm Dreaming Of
4) Nothing But Love
5) She Is The Sunlight (Demo Version)
6) World On Fire (Demo Version)
7) Love Song Requiem (Demo Version)
8) Desert Lands
9) Elizabeth
10) Shattered (Demo Version)
11) Beautiful
12) For You Only (Demo Version)


Martín said...

Hi! Thanks for sharing this album. can you upload "For You Only (Demo Version)". I downloaded it, but it's the song "Beautiful".

Thanks in advance!

Auiyako said...

Yes, Could you upload For You Only (Demo Version) again please?
Thanks in advanced!